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Where the Summer School is held in 2024:

The Summer School is taking place in Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Novo mesto is the centre of Dolenjska, and it has an archaeological heritage of world importance. The town is surrounded by gentle wine-growing hills, where the typical Cviček wine is produced, and the mysterious Gorjanci Hills. Otočec Castle, the only “water castle” in Slovenia, is located on a small island in the River Krka.




By Bus

The sustainable option. Your destination is Ljubljana by FlixBus and then about 90 min. bus ride by a local operator to Novo Mesto.

By plane

Novo Mesto is between Ljubljana and Zagreb

Although Ljubljana and Zagreb both are equally close to Novo Mesto, bearing mind that Zagreb is the most international we expect most of the people to fly there so the chances are higher there to get transportation (bus shuttle) organized by us. Otherwise it would need to be on your own.

The shuttle service is not part of the summerschool package. Anyway we will try to support the transport, if the actual costs incurred cannot be covered in full, we would divide the remaining amount between all of the users.

By car

Novo Mesto is also easy to reach by car.




Images used were provided by Novo Mesto Tourist Office 

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