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Where the Summer School is held in 2023:

The Summer School is taking place in Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna is a special place in many ways. Sweden’s northernmost town is home to Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, to Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, and to the world’s largest underground iron ore mine – a mine that is now forcing the town to move. Situated 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle,  Kiruna enjoys around two months of midnight sun in summer and ideal conditions for viewing the magical northern lights from September through March. Aurora Sky Station in Abisko in Kiruna municipality has been named by Lonely Planet as the best place in the world to experience light phenomena.

While Kiruna is a relatively small town with a population of around 23,000, the municipality encompasses an area of 19,447 square kilometres, which makes it the second largest municipality in the world. Kiruna’s border to the west is Sweden’s national border with Norway, and its eastern border is the  country’s national border with Finland. In the north, all three countries meet at Treriksröset – the Three-Country Cairn, which is the world’s northernmost tripoint and a landmark on the international Nordkalottleden Trail.

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By train

The sustainable option. If you travel from Stockholm, you can choose to sleep a part of the trip on board Vy’s night train which has two departures daily. 

By plane

Fly to Kiruna via Stockholm or Duesseldorf. Information on Kiruna Airport.

By bus or car

Traveling through Sweden’s various landscapes and natural habitats is exciting. For those traveling from Stockholm to Kiruna, it can be a distance of over 1 300 kilometers.




Images used were provided by Kiruna Tourist Office and the Icehotel.

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